You were at my place ‘cause your friend asked you to. He wanted to make me happy and you accepted to be the other guy in our threesome. Maybe it was a fantasy of you to. I don’t really know. I’m not even sure I know your real name. I didn’t really care about you. I cared about him. Wanted to please you to make him see that I was a good girl, that I was there to please whomever he’d ask me to.  I remember the awkwardness when you arrived, how I didn’t knew how to act with you, how I was relief when I saw him taking charge of all of this, bossing me around, telling me what to do.  I remember how it made me wet when you told us that you loved watch us fucking, that we looked like real life porn. I’ll always remember you jerking off watching us. I’ll remember your dick in my mouth while he was fucking me to. And him telling me that I was such a good girl for sucking you. If we exchange 2 works during the hours you were at my place I’d be surprised. But you were my first threesome and you were perfect at that. Thank you.


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